Cactus Silk Cushion-Large -Orange

These beautiful cushion covers are handmade in Morocco, each one has been hand woven on traditional looms from Agave Cactus Silk and cotton then hand dyed with vegetable/natural dyes. They are washed then left out in the sun to give it a slightly faded look

Cactus silk, aka Sabra silk, textiles are possibly one of the favourite Moroccan textiles for their amazing softness. Another big plus for cactus silk is that it’s vegan- being made from the fibre of the Saharan aloe vera, a member of the agave family. The leaves are pounded and soaked until the fibres separate. Then the fibres are spun by hand to create a silky, but very strong thread. 

The cover is about 34"x20" (85cmx50cm) and has a hidden zip fastening up one side, the filling is not included.

The sizing may vary slightly due to the handmade factor.

There may be some slight imperfections again due to the handmade nature.